Agricultural / Industrial Water Treatment

Clean safe water ensures your produce at its best………

Water is a relatively low priced commodity but a priceless resource.   We use it not only for drinking and leisure but in food production and industrial activities.

The Food Industry

A growing awareness of food safety requirements has led to an increased demand for effective biocidal control in all aspects of food and beverage preparation and packaging. Chlorine, in about the same dosage as drinking water or significantly higher than the amount typically in drinking water, is widely used to disinfect equipment and surfaces in the food industry as well as in the washing of fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry.  It is also used in bottle cleaning, rinsing and pasteurising. Disinfection results in dramatic improvement in both shelf life and presentation due to the control of bacteria

Industrial Activities 

Without chlorination, bacteria can overrun a system and so hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, sports facilities, etc. use chlorine for water disinfection in air conditioning and hot water systems to combat legionella or other micro-organisms from growing and ‘fouling’ (clogging up) the pipework, or spreading microbes which can be inhaled. Reliable systems can be configured to provide a wide range of accurate chlorine concentrations in the required volumes for various applications.

Automated water treatment plant incorporating a PLC

Chlorination 2 x 130kl dams to 4ppm

Chlorination 2 x 130kl dams to 3ppm