Swimming Pool Chlorinator

Fully automatic granular chlorine delivery system……..

The Flash-Doser completely revolutionises pool care. It enables you to run the pump for half the normal time and typically save R250 p.m. on electricity. Furthermore chlorine consumption is reduced by 25% and you do nothing but change your chlorine bottle monthly.

The Flash-Doser system allows complete sanitization of your pool, eliminating harmful bacteria and algae while you sleep. Regular dosing of chlorine completely eliminates the use of harmful heavy metals and algaecides and you can still have a sparkling pool while protecting the environment.

Pool water is circulated through the Flash-Doser. Water pressure activates a valve each time the pool pump is switched on which dispenses 75gm of granular cal-hypo or 50gm of available chlorine which is injected into the pool in solution. Multiple doses of granular chlorine can be dispensed by activating the pool pump at regular intervals.

The Flash-Doser improves the efficacy of granular chlorine as it is dosed at sunset and in solution, rapidly reaching maximum concentrations, enabling the pool water to be sanitised and any organic matter to be oxidised.

Night dosing using the Flash-Doser ensures that chlorine levels are at their highest at night and at their lowest during peak pool usage times. During the sunlight hours the chlorine is broken down into hydrochloric acid and oxygen which dissipates so that from late morning until evening the pool is optimally chlorinated for swimming. As the pool is free of salt and other chemicals, the pool filter can be safely back-washed onto the garden and salt damage to your pool equipment and brick coping is avoided.

Swimming pool maintained for over 10 years on a Flash Doser

Installation in filter box

Installation in filter box