Swimming Pool Chlorinators

Swimming Pool Chlorinator including the re-installation of a heat pump. In this installation the heat pump had been installed before the filter and our installer re-installed the heat pump after the filter to protect the heat pump and installed the Flash Doser last inline for the client. The Flash Doser’s appeal is the significantly reduced filtration times due to improving the efficacy of granular chlorine as a both a sanitiser and oxidiser thereby saving on costly electricity consumption. The product is further environmentally friendly and pool water can be safely backwashed without polluting the environment.


Before re-installation

Re-worked piping

After re-installation

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  1. We have had our Flash Doser for 4 years now and would recommend it to any one looking for a convenient way of maintaining their pool and saving electricity.

  2. Our guests often comment on the quality of our swimming pool water.

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