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Agricultural Water both river and ground water throughout the country is often contaminated with harmful bacteria which can lead to the growth of fungi and disease. These can destroy your crop and your chance of a successful harvest. Chlorine has...

Salt Water Chlorinator Replacement and Upgrade

Replacing Salt Water Chlorinators has been 43 percent of our residential Flash Doser installations as of April 2013. This can be attributed to the significant electricity cost saving due to reduced filtration time achieved by this new technology that improves the efficacy of granular chlorine as a both...

Swimming Pool Chlorinators

Swimming Pool Chlorinator including the re-installation of a heat pump. In this installation the heat pump had been installed before the filter and our installer re-installed the heat pump after the filter to protect the heat pump and installed the...

Rand Show

Our decision to exhibit at The Rand Show proved to be most worthwhile. Besides boosting the sale of our units to swimming pool owners, the show gave us the opportunity to interact with international visitors involved in the area of water...

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