The Next Generation in Water Treatment – Fully Automatic Granular Chlorine Delivery System

Johles Products, an innovation company, was formed by Les Palmer and John Robertson. Les has a background in chemistry and operates in the safe handling of chemicals in environmental, municipal and mining water treatments. John has thirty years’ experience in healthcare management, in both hospitals and laboratories heading up both the South African Institute of Medical Research and the National Health Laboratory Service.

They saw the need for a convenient, safe, labour saving, swimming pool chlorinator and combining their vast experience they developed the ‘Flash Doser’ which was fifteen years in the making.

The ‘Flash Doser’ incorporates many safety and environmental features:

  • Significantly reduces filtration times thereby halving Electricity consumption
  • Provides an automatic, accurate, consistent method of optimally chlorinating a swimming pool
  • Is environmentally friendly in that pool water can be safely backwashed without polluting the environment.
  • Injects chlorine in solution into the swimming pool thus improving the efficacy of chlorine as both a sanitiser and oxidiser.

Subsequently the convenience and reliability of the ‘Flash Doser’ has been recognised in the

  • agricultural water
  • industrial water and
  • water treatment

arenas where it has significantly improved the reliable delivery of safe water in various washing processes.

Agricultural Water

Water is a relatively low priced commodity but a priceless resource. We use it not only for drinking and leisure but in food production and industrial activities. A growing awareness of food safety requirements has led to an increased demand for effective biocidal control in all aspects of food

Drinking Water

About a hundred years ago the current programme of water purification (the filtration and chlorination of drinking water) began in the developed world. Prior to that, the water coming from our rivers and boreholes presented a major health risk to both small and large communities.

Swimming Pool Water

The Flash-Doser completely revolutionises pool care. It enables you to run the pump for half the normal time and typically save R250 p.m. on electricity. Furthermore chlorine consumption is reduced by approximatley 25% and you do nothing but change your chlorine bottle monthly